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Eleven Everyday Ingredients for Countless Weeknight Meals

Photography by Cara Howe | Illustrations by Allira Tee

I dislike elaborate meal plans, dread making detailed shopping lists, and would much rather spend my Sunday roaming the park than prepping Tuesday night’s dinner. In my many years as a cook, I’ve learned to lean on a shortlist of vegetarian staples that I always remember to pick up at the grocery store, and once I get home and am preparing dinner, that’s when I figure out what to do with them. In this way, I’ve learned to become an intuitive, improvisational cook. This is the method and organizing principle of Start Simple. It features eleven of my favorite, go-to ingredients, which are the foundation for 140 recipes that make weeknight cooking easy, delicious, and fun.

Start Simple will be released in February 2020



Vegetarian Recipes for Ramen, Pho, Bibimbap, Dumplings, and Other One-Dish Meals

Photography by Michael Harlan Turkell

Bowl started with a transcendently good… bowl… of vegetarian ramen at the restaurant Chuko in Brooklyn. At the time, I’d never had vegetarian ramen that was so flavorful, and never knew it to be a vessel for seasonal produce. It sent me excitedly brainstorming how I could make delicious ramen at home. Ramen led to pho, and to bibimbap, and to dumplings, key dishes from different Asian cuisines, which all proved to be beautiful ways to showcase seasonal produce. Of course there are also bowl-bowls in here, those ever-comforting meals that are still so popular because they’re still so good.

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Fresh, Flavorful and Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers–Plus Toppings, Sides, Buns and More

Photography by Christina Forêt (née Heaston)

My first cookbook! It’s guided by the idea (one I still feel strongly about) that veggie burgers should taste like vegetables. I never been too interested in meat analogues, and I’ve always been excited and inspired by the farmer’s market, so that’s where that comes from. Here the veggie burger recipes are broken down into three sections: vegetable burgers, bean burgers, and tofu/seitan/tempeh burgers, and there are additional chapters devoted to buns, toppings, and side dishes. It’s a cute little manual.